Chance favors only the prepared mind
Louis Pasteur


Welcome to the Institute of Immunology !


The institute was founded in 1967, as the first institute dedicated to immunology research in German-speaking countries, and offers an international research environment with over 40 members from more than 10 countries. The research goals of the Institute of Immunology are to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms of immunological reactions and diseases. We aim to obtain a better understanding of how the immune system works and to use this knowledge as a basis for the development of new therapeutic approaches and diagnostic tools. Our scientific strategies focus therefore on basic and translational research as well as on application-oriented research in human medicine.

An important focus of the institute's activities is the academic teaching and training of the next generation of scientists.

The institute is structured into of 4 research divisions (immunobiology, immune cell receptors and T-cell activation, regulation of the immune system, cellular immunology and immunohematology) with a total of 7 research groups and a laboratory for immunodiagnostics.



As part of the EFIS - Immunology Letters study group, members of the Institute are organizing an European-wide online immunology lecture series. The lectures take place every 1st and 3rd Tuesday @17:00 (CET) via Zoom. If you are interested to..




December 4, 2020: Alexandra Gülich, PhD student in the group of Shinya Sakaguchi receives the prestigious L'Oréal Österreich fellowship „For Women in Science“. These fellowships, which are awarded for the 14th time this year, are a cooperation..


October 2, 2020: On the occasion of his retirement from the Medical University of Vienna, Prof. Gerhard Zlabinger, the former head of the Institute of Immunology, was awarded the batch of honor ("Ehrennadel") for his special achievements..